Yes, I am a computer and video game addict.

Playing these games is something I would not want to consider as a hobby because I take a personal connection with them. To me, these games are not just mediums of entertainment. Well, for the bigger part, I take comfort with the entertainment value that they provide. Importantly, playing them brings a different sort of experience, and others would most likely consider this as eccentric. It is unusual for others to imagine how my seemingly inordinate penchant for computer and video games can sometimes go beyond common perception. It’s likely the same reason why this fondness for video and computer games brought me to explore computer programming which is something I now immensely enjoy.

You’d be surprised to know that I have never actually hated any video game. There may be some others that I did not like. It would have been the unexciting gameplay, unmanageable controls, or that the graphics and animation were not what I actually expended. It could be that the story was rather bland, or that the characters were poorly developed and that their powers or abilities could have used more leverage. Games with tedious or long and boring levels do not impress me much. But that does not, even for a little bit, dissuade me from playing them. So if it is a massively multi-player online game or a one-person shooter game played on a console or through an internet connection, expect that I will play it.

Remembering how I started playing these games makes an overtly and blunt point that my deep affiliation with video playing has never tapered in the last couple of years. Perhaps it’s this sense of responsibility and control over something which makes them really appealing to me. Engaging in RPGs and other fantasy-driven games such as Dragon Quest, The Last Story and Final Fantasy series gives me quite the satisfaction of being my own character and living out an adventure I would not have otherwise experience in the real world. Oh please do not get me wrong. I am not a social weirdo. I maintain a good number of friends and go to social functions just like you do. I guess that makes me pretty normal like the rest. Video and computer gaming allows you to be somebody else without actually having to be that somebody at all. It is only in video games where reality gets skewered big time. Video games offer you the option to have a happy ending or otherwise. The choice is completely yours to make – barring, of course, a power outage or bad connection.

Now, computer programming is not an entirely different card game. It can be tedious and time-consuming. But I love the thrill and the sense of accomplishment after I have completed an animated design or developed a new program. More specifically, writing codes is something I’d consider myself to be quite adept with. Nothing gives me so much abhorrence when I make a personal command and see a “Good Morning” greeting in blaring red in front of my PC or two heart-shaped birds floating in my computer screen.

This is why I love computer programming because I can do away with those always cheesy and crappy programs that are always built-in in some PCs hardware. Computer programming can lead you to create your very own personal command and customize them to whatever and however you want it to be.

Of course, it takes specific skill sets and technical hardware to be a success in this field. I want to believe I am getting there. I mean, it’s always a learning experience for me.

Now that I think about it, that is actually what programming and video game is all about – a learning paradigm. The learning experience from playing these games and creating a program offers many learning points. And I am quite alright with that comforting thought. Yes, that makes me a video and computer geek.